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TagBites.IO 1.3

Cross-platform file systems framework for .NET.

  • Simple and lightweight
  • Custom file systems
  • Built-in cross system synchronization

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Lightweight and simple .NET library provides facilities for performing operations on file systems.
TagBites.IO provides implementation for many built-ins file systems:

and also allows you to create your custom file system.

NuGet Package: https://www.nuget.org/packages/TagBites.IO/


Checking if a file exists.

var exists = FileSystem.Local.GetFile("file.txt").Exists;

Read all text from a file.

var content = FileSystem.Local.GetFile("file.txt").ReadAllText();

Asynchronously write the text to a file.

await FileSystem.Local.GetFile("file.txt").WriteAllTextAsync("test content");

Rename the file.


Move and overwrite the file.

var source = FileSystem.Local.GetFile("a/test2.txt");
var destination = FileSystem.Local.GetFile("b/test2.txt");
source.Move(destination, true);

Move the directory to a new location.

var source = FileSystem.Local.GetDirectory("a/c");
var destination = FileSystem.Local.GetDirectory("b"); 
source.MoveTo(destination); // b/c/*

Restore a copy of the file.

var file = FileSystemWithHistorySupport.Create().GetFile("file.txt");
var fileVersion = file.GetHistoryVersions(DateTime.Now.Date.AddDays(-7)).FirstOrDefault();
fileVersion.Copy(file, true) ;

Synchronization of directory contents between file systems.

var ftpFileSystem = FtpFilesystem.Create(/*parameters*/);
var localFileSystem = FileSystem.Local;
var directory1 = localFileSystem.GetDirectory("directory1");
var directory2 = localFileSystem.GetDirectory("directory2");
directory1.SyncWith(directory2, FileSystemSynchronizeMode.OneWay);