Command Line Parameters

@filenameSpecifies a response file that contains LSACreator.exe commands. Commands in the response file can appear one per line or on the same line, separated by one or more spaces.
/buildBuild project.
/buildwithexportBuild project (if /build) and export output to libraries locations.
/buildtodir:dirnameBuild project and export output to specified diretory (dirname).
/closeClose program after process command line.
/createCreate a new project (/project:filename) and overriding the file if exists.
/exportxml:filenameExport project to xml file (filename).
/ignoreemptyIgnores assemblies without resources.
/library:filenameAdd assembly (filename) to project.
/librariesdir:dirnameAdd assemblies from specified directory (dirname) to project.
/project:filenameProject file location.
/saveSave project.
/showguiForce to show GUI in auto close mode (/close).
/xmlsource:filenameImport project from xml file (filename) in merge mode using project (/project:filename) as primary source.