Quick start

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Add your assemblies (.exe or .dll files).
    LSACreator will scan your assemblies (.exe/.dll) for resources which contains at least one string and present them in tree view.
  3. Add a new languages for specific resource, assembly or whole project.
  4. Translate your resources.
  5. Build the project.
    In bin directory of language project LSACreator will create a folder for every language. Each folder will contain assemblies with translated resources only.
  6. Copy language folders to your application directory.
    Now your application supports new languages thanks to satellite assemblies.

Working with WinForms

If you are using WinForms, you have to set property “Localizable” to “true” in dialog designer (for all forms). This way Visual Sudio will create a resource for your dialog or control.

Working with source protector/obfuscator

If you are using some kind of source protector/obfuscator, then make sure it is not encrypting your resources. If you can see your resource and its strings in ILSpy or Reflector it means that LSACreator can see it too.